The Music Team consists of the following members:

Jack Haslam, Musical Director

Jack Haslam

Our Musical Director is Jack Haslam, seen here in performance mode. He is Baritone section leader at Cottontown Chorus, has won Bronze and Silver medals in quartet competitions and is a former director at the Red Rose Chorus, Preston.  He also won Gold in a Seniors Quartet competition and represented BABS in January 2014 at Long Beach, California. Welcome Jack!

Paul Tatton, Bass Section Leader

I’ve  been singing barbershop for over 30 years and still get the same buzz. I want to pass on my experience to the chorus so they can get that same buzz to the full. I sing with Cottontown gold medal chorus of Bolton. I also sing with 2017 senior quartet gold medallists, Three ‘n’ Easy.

Richard Barley, Baritone Section Leader

Richard Barley, Baritone Section Leader

Richard has been singing barbershop since the early nineties, having started with a club in the West Midlands. He initially sang bass before he saw the light and switched to baritone. This is his second spell with Harmony Revival after he moved to France for a while. He has been with the club for about eight years in total. He’s from Dudley – which is in the Black Country – and he doesn’t like being called a Brummie!   He also sings with the Monday Mondays and is a member of two quartets.

Lance Pryce, Lead Section Leader

I first fell for this fantastic hobby about 3 years ago, having previously sung Karaoke for many years. Such a great bunch of men who all help one another. Love it!

Barclay Marshall, Tenor Section Leader

Ian Barclay, Tenor Section Leader

Used to be in charge of ‘Tenners’ but now in charge of the Tenors.

Allan Atkinson, Chorus Manager

Allan Atkinson Bass Section Leader & Chorus Manager

Alan has been a member of the chorus since the early years. Has a knack for keeping discipline, hence his post as Chorus Manager! Has also served as Bass section leader.