The Four Pops

Four Pops

Karl Hendrickx, Tenor. Sings bass with Monday Mondays and Rainy City choruses. Found he had a talent for tenor one particular evening wearing a pair of very tight trousers, but don’t tell any one!
Ian Firth, Bass. Sings with Monday Mondays and Cotton Town choruses. Big voice, big smile and a twinkle in his eye!
Alan Gee, Baritone. Joined Harmony Revival four years ago, has been involved with music for many years playing trumpet on the trad jazz scene. Enjoys the challenge of singing with the chorus and quartet.
Ian Grimshaw, Lead. Sings for Monday Mondays, Cotton Town & Harmony Revival choruses, as well as the ConChords quartet. The list is long! A great knowledge of songs and boy, does he deliver!


We’re four guys who share a love of a cappella (unaccompanied) singing. We sing or have sung in barbershop choruses, quartets, pop groups, male voice choirs and rowdy gangs. Some of us play the odd instrument, the others excel on finger-clicks, knee-slapping and occasional grunting.
From Left to Right;
Richard. Hails from the Black Country, where they can’t afford to turn the streets lights on. Keeping his hair long until it comes back into fashion.
Ian. He’s little but he’s loud. Holds on to his notes longer than Scrooge. The best singer in the group – but don’t tell him we said so.
Rick. Left handed, Welsh and good at spelling – a worrying combination. Keeping his hair short until the magic restorer starts to work.
Roger. Writes his own arrangements and grows his own beard. Makes most of our songs sound the way they do – so it’s all his fault.


Summer 2015, Three ‘n’ Easy was born in a moment of serendipity. By 2016 they had won the Seniors gold medal at Convention.
Paul Gidney (Lead) has been in barbershop for over 25 years including a spell in New Zealand. He has over 20 years of experience in competitive quartets and, in his most recent foursome Soundcheck, won the senior gold medal, with John, that took them to Long Beach, California for the BHS world championships. Paul is retired, cherishes his grandchildren Poppy & Millie, loves travel and the odd glass of wine.
John Clarke (Bass) started singing later in life but has been an active member of many a capella groups, e.g. Monday Mondays. From Piertown Chorus, he moved on to Cottontown, winning bronze & silver medals and eventually five golds. He has sung with several quartets, including bronze- and silver-winning Celebration then gold with Paul in Soundcheck. Now retired, John and wife Mary spend lots of time whizzing along the M62 to visit their two daughters and granddaughter.
Paul Tatton (Baritone) began barbershop 33 years ago and has competed with various quartets, being placed seventh on many occasions. Whilst bass with Cottontown, he switches to baritone in Three ‘n’ Easy. Paul’s wife Dee sings with Sweet Adelines champions Heartbeat Chorus and son Scott is baritone with Cottontown and Hustle quartet.
Gary Roussak (Tenor) sang in SATB choirs for 25 years but the barbershop bug bit him in 2009. Although baritone in chorus, he relishes adding the tenor ‘icing’ to Three ‘n’ Easy. With only five years quartet experience, he admits he is the ‘baby’, but says “I’m younger than them!”. Gary & wife Lynn dote on their grandchildren Florence and Beatrice.

From left to right is  : Paul Tatton (baritone) John Clarke (bass) Paul Gidney (lead) and Gary Rousack (tenor).

Contact the quartet via Paul Tatton on 07780 435528.

Four Shades of Grey

 Barclay Marshall (Tenor), Graham Lake (Lead) Ken Miles (Bass), Richard Barley ( Baritone).

Contact; Richard Barley on 07975 988489 or email